12 July 2009

Little history of reality tv.


Certainly, there are many people who think that reality shows have begun recently, but then there are a lot of us who believe that Allen Funt started these in 1948 with the TV serial called "Candid Camera" and he rightly deserves the credit for this now ubiquitous phenomenon. Reality TV seems to be a recent innovation, but "Candid Camera" was a forerunner that doesn't receive enough credit. Most people would concur that reality TV is synonymous with a peep show.

The 1950s shows can be categorized only as reality TV. How to express the reality? We might call them "game shows". They really are reality television.

Reality shows on television have got much expansion over the years. This class has developed further in the last 50 to 60 years.

Reality television is extremely popular these days. Once the reality show "Survivor" became a huge hit on CBS, other networks wanted to cash in on the trend. If you've been living under a rock: "Survivor" is a reality television program - or game show - documenting contestants living together for 39 days in a primitive environment. While they attempt to undermine one another and vie for the great reward - (one million dollars), the participants eventually found ways to cooperate with each other.

A total of seven different reality television programs exist on the big four. (NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX). The expansion of reality television is not just on those networks. Each and every channel is on the lookout for some great reality television shows, cable centers just grab such programs having top shows like "The Deadliest Catch", "Monster Garage", "Top Chef", etc. These are only a few on the big long list.

Reality TV shows have expanded to include so many categories, from documentaries, to scientific endeavors, dating shows, criminal justice, talent searches, and many more. There are many different examples of reality television, such as dating, law enforcement, hidden camera and game shows to name just a few.

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