21 November 2007



A new virus has just been discovered that has been classified by Microsoft
as the most destructive ever. This virus was discovered yesterday afternoon
by McAfee . This vir us simply destroys Sector Zero from the hard disk,
where vital information for its functioning are stored.

This virus acts in the following manner:
It sends itself automatically to all contacts on your list with the title: *
'A Card for You'. *

As soon as the supposed virtual card is opened the computer freezes so
that the user has to reboot. When the ctrl+alt+ del keys or the reset button
are pressed, the virus destroys Sector Zero, thus permanently destroying the
hard disk. Yesterday in just a few hours this virus caused panic in New York
, according to news broadcast by CNN

This alert was received by an employee of Microsoft itself.
So *don't open *
any mails with subject: *'A Virtual Card for You. *' As soon as you get the
mail, *delete it *!! *
Please pass this mail to all of your friends. *

Forward this to everyone in your address book. I'm sure most people, like
myself, would rather receive this notice 25 times than not at All .

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